SDD is alerting the United-Nations about the implementation of the Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) into public healthcare programs.

By 14 June 2017 Non classé

At the United-Nations, the 14 June 2017, Stop Discriminating Down denounced the current implementation into public healthcare programs of the non-invasive prenatal genetic screening test – namely the NIPT – primarily aimed at Down syndrome.

In 2017, the Netherlands were the first country to routinely offer NIPT under basic public healthcare to all pregnant women, followed by the UK, France and Belgium.

The formal purpose of prenatal genetic testing is to facilitate so-called reproductive choice. The aim of this test is to drive couples to abort their down syndrome babies, leading to the progressive elimination of the Down syndrome community.

Yet, the expansion of government sponsored prenatal screening and abortion stands in stark contradiction to the purpose of the prenatal screening test which should be solely used to improve care and therapies for people with Down syndrome.

Making screening widely available as a public health program implies that persons with Down Syndrome do not have the same value and rights.

SDD calls on States to stop discriminating against people on the basis of their genetic predisposition.