SDD at the UN : Stop discriminating on the basis of genetic predisposition!

By 21 February 2017 News

At the United Nations on last October 4, Stop Discriminating Down has publicly raised awareness about the Dutch prenatal screening policy. In 2017, The Netherlands is the first country to routinely offer NIPT under basic public healthcare to all pregnant women.

The formal purpose of prenatal genetic testing is to facilitate so-called “reproductive choice”. Concretely, it means pushing for abortion and eliminating the Down syndrome community.

Making screening widely available and pushing for abortion as a public health program implies that babies with DS won’t have the same value and rights, that they will be rejected by the society.

To publicly offer screening tests is not the solution, to accept and help persons with DS is the solution.

The Stop Discriminating Down Campaign calls upon the Netherlands to stop discriminating against people on the basis of their genetic predisposition.